• Make Micro-Investments

    in productive farmers who provide a 20% return.

  • Regular Farm Updates

    Invest in a productive farm now to begin making additional cash each month.

  • Credible Farmer Profiles

    We build profiles on behalf of productive farmers with established markets. 


How Farm Credibly works

Choose a farm

Browse any farm and choose one to invest in

Become an investor

Create a stream of income for yourself based on investing in this farm

Recieve payments as a ROI

Subscribe to regular updates on the farm's production

Invest in the Soil

Invest in the soil. Grow your money by helping our farmers.

Built-in Insurance

Payments up until the first payouts begin are covered by weather insurance.

We're Mobile

We're not just an app. We're out in the feild monitoring crop health and offering farm management services.

Latest Technology

We utilize the latest in proven digital tools to optionally make the micro investment process more interactive than ever before.

Simple Paperwork

We like to keep it simple. All our contracts are written in plain language with "legalese" kept to a minimum.

Secure Transations

All our payment transactions are secured.