Farm Credibly Explained


How it Works

Farm Credibly simplifies financial services for underbanked farmers who are productive but want to be more productive. We bring together multiple entities within farmers’ business network on behalf of farmers. By getting data from suppliers and distributors, a trusted and secure farmer profile is established. FarmCredibly empowers creditors with the means to reduce risk in issuing loans and insurance to unbanked farmers by leveraging Blockchain technology to provide alternative credit scoring.

Did you know that 86% of farmers in Jamaica are underbanked and cannot access capital to finance their farms?

This is a US$135 million dollar opportunity in Jamaica alone and worldwide we are talking about billions. Farm Credibly is a service provider that connects lenders to farmer profiles with low default ratings. Unlike other alternatives we, leverage blockchain technology to build credible profiles of our farmers based on the strength of their business network. The team includes a project manager, a part time designer, 3 part time developers and we make money by selling leads and credit reports, in the short term we are offering farm management services and technology consulting. In essence, we are like a credit bureau for the underbanked population and our vision is to help to provide financial services for business persons who struggle gain the confidence of financial institutions. We have already gained the support of two grants that are helping us to onboard our first farmers and lenders and you are must be involved because we are growing scotch bonnet pepper and it’s a red hot commodity.


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