FC’s First Farm Visit


It’s Farm Credibly’s first farm visit and our team is excited! We head to Manchester to visit a farm that’s operated by 2 brothers, the area is in the south of the parish and there is a wind farm close by. 

After a 2 1/2 hr drive, we’re happy to approach our destination. We know we’re close as this is indicated by the small cluster of men on the side of the street ever so often the further inland we go. Oh look! Its the turning of 20ft tall wind harvesting machines.

Pulling off the main road, we enter the stony confines of approximately 20 acres of beautiful Jamaican land.  The land looks freshly prepped, you can still smell the turnover of the soil and see in to the holes that will be bearing trees in a couple months time.

This location is inspiring, we notice the many ways the owners have tried to harvest water on the property. There are tanks, wells and rain water harvesting apparatus in sight. 

What appears to be fallen and useless debris from trees is revealed to be a technique for keeping the soil properly moisturised for longer periods of time.

The farmer and our agronomist discuss ways to make the work here a little easier especially due to the wind conditions in this area. 

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