Remembering St. Thomas


I really love St. Thomas! I think the fact that St. Thomas is a parish with what looks like the least amount of resources or development, actually works in its favour. This allows the parish the ability to reflect a rich heritage, you can feel the healing energy as soon as you enter that Bull Bay strip.  Think about it, of all Jamaica’s parishes this is the one with the cleanest and safest beaches. The hills provide a respite from the bustle of Kingston, the drive is less than an hour from town and in one day you can choose between the healing of a river or the sea, which is never crowded.

With this as the premise, I’m happy Farm Credibly is visiting one of our farmers for a progress update here today.  

We arrive mid morning to a pleasant surprise, our farmer’s location is being renovated and the place is looking very good. I’m pleased to see how many members of the team are present, engaged and visibility in high spirits, the diversity is ripe. All types work here. 

Separate from the work happening on the farm site, we meet new members of our special projects team and finally venture to the location on which peppers will soon populate. 

The land is clear and the excitement of this milestone drips me.

On our last visit this same area was all bush & ferns. Now we have a space that has not only been cleared but ploughed. FC is 1 step closer to planting.

We use this opportunity to continue our series of video interviews, with each member of the project team sharing why farming is important and what it will mean for them and the community to receive funding to move their farming dreams forward.

“No one is telling their kids to become farmers, but everyone eats 3 times daily” is a tweet I saw recently that made me lol. 

All our interviewees made a note of the ripple effect that encouraging farming has. Based on the work being done presently, I think in time we will see more farmers in general, and maybe St. Thomas leading the way.