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From Supply Chains to Supply Networks

Farm Credibly wants to bring more agritech to our food supply chains. Companies and individuals who currently struggle to reliably source from farmers or connect with consumers can now participate in supply networks (in addition to traditional supply chains). What this means is that we are facilitating more connections than has ever been possible before. For instance, end consumers can, for the first time, benefit on the upside from farmers who ultimately are feeding us all.

Full Potential of the Caribbean's Agricultural Output Based on Data

Although it's not really fair to compare two completely different centuries in a graph like this, is there any knowledge that can be derrived from the comparison being in this graph?

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The truth is that the historical profitability of planting sugarcane has been sharply decreasing since 1763, despite an overall increase in sugar con-sumption worldwide over the last several decades.

Elder Farmers and the Aging of Rural Populations

Here we can see population pyramids for the world, showing a widening youth base, especially in developing countries. It demonstrates the overall increase in the number of young people on the planet. These are people who are currently being fed by a comparatively smaller and aging population of farmers. There are considerably more young people than old, so the already small proportion of farmers (who on average are 60 years and older) will need to pass on their skills and livelihoods to younger persons.

Remembering St. Thomas

I really love St. Thomas! I think the fact that St. Thomas is a parish with what looks like the least amount of resources or development, actually works in its favour. This allows the parish the ability to reflect a rich heritage, you can feel the healing energy as soon as you enter that Bull Bay strip.  Think about it, of all Jamaica’s parishes this is the one with the cleanest and safest beaches.

Branson Centre Workshop on Measuring Impact

Yesterday, Farm Credibly led a workshop for the current cohort of Branson Centre entreprenurs. 

Blockchain is like a group text message

Samson Williams gave a seminar at UWI in August 2019 thanks to Farm Credibly and XLabs Jamaica. He does a good job of explaining how blockchain works like a group text message which is a concept most of us can relate to.


Lessons Learned: Farmers and Financers

Why Farmers?

As Farm Credibly, we are focused on solving global problems but also problems that are widespread in the Caribbean. Agriculture is intertwined in the history of most Caribbean countries, and globally over 1 billion people are employed in agriculture, representing 1 in 3 of all workers (source: This is a sizable market. After interviewing more than 120 different farmers, two common challenges are very pronounced for most farmers: 

CTA invitation to Paramaribo, Suriname for the NAO & RAO meeting

How many people know about the Cotonou Partnership Agreement between the EU and African, Caribbean and Pacific countries?

Farm Credibly reps Jamaica at the Caribbean Agrotourism Policy Setting Workshop

After representing my team at this regional agro-tourism workshop which was excellently organised & facilitated by IICA - Barbados team I must say I no longer consider myself as only a Jamaican ambassador. I am now also a Caribbean ambassador. Being part of this diverse & deeply cultural experience has reminded me of how much we need each other and that working closer together will enable greater successes for each island as well as the region.

Jamaica Stock Exchange Plans to List Security Tokens

Raise Capital through security token offerings (STOs)


Kingston, Jamaica / Toronto, Canada – April 3, 2019 The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) is proud to announce the execution of an historic Master Agreement with Blockstation, a leading Canadian FinTech company, becoming one of the first stock exchanges in the world to sign an agreement to enable live trading of digital assets and security tokens in a regulated and secured environment.

Blockchain Releases Farmers from the Collateral Trap

Blockchain Releases Farmers from the Collateral Trap


By Busani Bafana

A Jamaican start-up has an innovative solution to help smallholder farmers—many of whom do not have the collateral demanded by financial institutions to access loans—build a track record of their production that is proving better than collateral.

CTA Partner at European Development Days 2019

European Development Days

Thanks to the CTA, Farm Credibly was represented at European Development Days 2019 in Brussels from June18-19.

European Development Days is Europe’s leading forum on development since 2006.

Farm Credibly Explained

How it Works

Farm Credibly simplifies financial services for underbanked farmers who are productive but want to be more productive. We bring together multiple entities within farmers’ business network on behalf of farmers. By getting data from suppliers and distributors, a trusted and secure farmer profile is established. FarmCredibly empowers creditors with the means to reduce risk in issuing loans and insurance to unbanked farmers by leveraging Blockchain technology to provide alternative credit scoring.

St. Elizabeth Trip

On our way to St. Elizabeth today to check out some pepper farms we spotted red bananas.

There are over 1,000 different varieties of bananas around the world.

Red bananas are soft and have a sweet flavor when ripe. Some people say they taste like a regular banana — but with a hint of raspberry sweetness.


FC’s First Farm Visit

It’s Farm Credibly’s first farm visit and our team is excited! We head to Manchester to visit a farm that’s operated by 2 brothers, the area is in the south of the parish and there is a wind farm close by. 

After a 2 1/2 hr drive, we’re happy to approach our destination. We know we’re close as this is indicated by the small cluster of men on the side of the street ever so often the further inland we go. Oh look! Its the turning of 20ft tall wind harvesting machines.

Farm Credibly, a Jamaican start-up among the 2018 Pitch AgriHack winners

Earlier this year, Farm Credibly was selected as a finalist in the 2018 CTA Pitch AgriHack competition. The team was thrilled to see Farm Credibly CEO Varun Baker heading to the African Green Revolution Forum in Rwanda, where this year’s Pitch AgriHack competition took place.


A US $200 contribution yields a return of $30 just 12 months after planting the additional acreage.

A US $500 contribution will yield $75 in returns just 12 months after planting.

A US $1000 contribution yields a return of $200 just 12 months after planting the additional acreage.

Repayment begins after 4 months

A US $10,000 contribution yields a return of US $2,000 just 12 months after planting the additional acreage.