Farm Credibly Team

Our Team

These are the members of the Farm Credibly team. We see agriculture as culture and believe in hand ups not handouts.

Varun uses his 15+ years of industry experience as a software engineer to push forward Farm Credibly as a platform that drives new ways of approaching agriculture. He sees ‘agritech’ as the intersection of culture and technology and uses this as an excuse to get out of the office and visit farms more often.

Varun Baker
Co-founder & CEO

Living from a place of purpose & awareness is important to project manager & co-founder, Danelia. She uses her soft skills to ensure a FC product that is intuitive as well as a team that’s inclusive and performing at a high level. She also knows fun facts about random things, great company on a road trip.

Danelia Doyle
Co-founder & Program Manager

As a proud ‘’ole farmer’’ he adds value to the livelihood of farmers through linkages and consultation; Kevin knows his farming. The team is thrilled to have his breadth of experience & knowledge for the benefit of our farmers. He can share a few hilarious stories from working with farmers over the years.

Kevin Buchanan
Chief Agronomist

As a genuine “21st-century tech kid”, Phillip loves nature and exploring as much as he loves using technology to improve people's lives. He has been a member of the Farm Credibly team since its inception, winning the IBM hackathon in 2017. He believes that technology and agriculture should be symbiotic and not parasitic.

Phillip Llewellyn
Software Developer